Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Pat's Cleaning & Disinfecting Services is proud to offer state of the art hardwood floor cleaning. We can clean any type of hardwood flooring:

  • Solid Wood Flooring (unfinished and pre-finished)
  • Strip Wood Flooring
  • Plank Wood Flooring
  • Parquet Wood Flooring
  • Engineered Wood Flooring
  • Acrylic-impregnated Wood Flooring
  • Distressed Wood Flooring

This hardwood floor cleaning system is the first one that really works well on all types of hardwood flooring.

Our hardwood floor cleaning system is the first cleaning machine specifically designed and engineered to clean wood floors. A custom brush and high powered vacuum scrub and extract soils from wood floor surfaces while leaving the floor dry. It has adjustable head pressure and variable water flow so the machine can adapt to the requirements of any wood floor type. Rear caster wheels provide superior maneuverability around objects.

Before the invention of this hardwood floor cleaning system people had to use just a scrub brush, soap or other cleaning chemicals and water. Nearly every single time too much water was involved.

If you have a hardwood floor anywhere in Orange County, California and need it properly and thoroughly cleaned WITHOUT it being subjected to being made "over wet" and thus in danger of water damage and buckling please contact Pat's Cleaning & Disinfecting Services at 714-308-4630 or use our contact form.

Hardwood Floor Restoration

With hardwood floors becoming a much more popular flooring choice these days and with so many different types of floors to choose from (solid, engineered, unfinished, pre-finished, various wood types) we've begun to encounter an issue where customers are using the wrong flooring treatment, waxes and polishes for their type of flooring and it is causing major issues with the appearance and frequency that the floor needs to be cleaned or polished.

To be honest, it is sometimes the fault of OTHER "professionals" with less experience who don't understand which type of flooring they are encountering.

We are getting called in or recommended in and encountering desperate customers who are afraid that they have to replace their flooring because the finish is ruined! Please, call us before you remove or replace your hardwood flooring. We could save you many thousands of dollars!

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Pat Roque - Disinfection Expert
Pat Roque - Disinfection Expert
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