Donald S. Sjaarda, Esq.

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Don Sjaarda Personal Injury Attorney Fountain ValleyPat Roque has renovated our carpets on many occasions, removing stains and extending the life of the carpets.

His truck-mounted equipment is powerful and effective. He has also cleaned our upholstered furniture, transformed our tile and grout, and even removed chemical etching from a marble counter top.

When we had water damage, he rushed over, located the problem and restored the property faster that we could have expected.

Pat knows his stuff. He is efficient, hard-working and very fair in his pricing. I highly recommend Pat Roque for all of your home and office cleaning needs.

Sean Sloan

Director of Online Marketing

Open Interactive

I had a pipe leak disaster at my leased office space that leaked down into one of my tenant's office.

Pat and his team came out immediately, diagnosed the problem and tear out the ruined drywall and ceiling tiles to expose the entire extent of the damage.

Then they dried everything out leaving their equipment to work over the weekend so that the plumbers and carpenters could come in and fix it all.

In our hour of need Pat came through.

Kathy Ahluwalia

Owner - Beach Trends
Beach Trends Advertising Specialties

Beach Trends Advertising Specialties

Pat keeps our carpets clean and looking like new, but he doesn't just do carpets.

We have one bathroom all our guests use.  It was very hard to keep the shower glass looking good until we had Pat in to clean and coat the glass. The shower has looked good for several years and so easy to keep clean. 

We also had him re-coat a granite table, get a smell out of our vents and I know he has special equipment to sterilize your house, if needed during the pandemic.

In fact, call Pat first for all your flooring and water damage needs.  You won't be sorry. 

Pat Roque - Disinfection Expert
Pat Roque - Disinfection Expert
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