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Trained Technicians -

Technicians must be willing to take time to pre-inspect carpet in all of the areas that need cleaning. They must identify the carpet's construction and fiber, evaluate individual needs and recommend an appropriate cleaning method or procedure. The technician is the key to quality results - not a particular method, machine or process.

No Hidden Costs -

Consumers have the right to expect itemized services and firm prices before technicians begin each portion of the work sold. While technicians may offer added services such as deodorization and carpet protector at an additional cost, consumers should never feel pressured to accept anything more than the services they request and authorize.

Customer Satisfaction -

Cleaning firms should offer workmanship guarantees in writing. Fiber type, carpet construction, installation and maintenance may present circumstances beyond a cleaning technician's control; however, responsible workmanship must be implicit in any work performed.

Furniture Moving -

Unless clearly specified otherwise, furniture moving to access and clean carpet underneath should be considered part of the normal cleaning job. Items such as fish tanks, waterbeds, loaded china cabinets, computers, or extremely delicate or fragile furnishings (pianos, antiques) are considered exceptions.

Spotting -

Special attention to spots and stains is included in normal job performance. However, time-consuming specialized spotting or prolonged effort on color-added spots may incur an additional charge. Customers should be advised of additional charges before extensive spotting procedures are undertaken.

Preconditioning -

Special treatment with"preconditioning" agents in heavily soiled entry and traffic areas should be included in the cost of cleaning. However, overall job cost may increase in extreme soiling situations. Consumers should be advised in advance of the need for such increased charges.

Minimal Drying Time -

it is the cleaner's responsibility, with the consumer s cooperation, to ensure that the carpet is dried and returned to normal use within a reasonable time frame. The amount of time required for drying will vary with different methods, the degree of soiling and the aggressiveness of cleaning. However, under no circumstances should carpet drying require more than twenty-four (24) hours with proper ventilation, Again, the consumer's cooperation in providing continuous airflow and/or ventilation to expedite drying cannot be over- emphasized.

Thorough Cleaning -

Every effort must be made to physically remove as much soil as possible from carpet during cleaning. Further, technicians must take steps to leave fibers as residue free as possible to prevent accelerated re-soiling. When trying to save money by taking advantage of carpet cleaning specials.

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Pat Roque - Disinfection Expert
Pat Roque - Disinfection Expert
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