Hardwood Floor Restoration in Huntington Beach, CA

This issue is something we see with increasing frequency: the use of improper floor treatment products on hardwood floors. This can produce hazing, easy scuffing or even allow foot prints to show in the surface of your hardwood floors. You need to be very careful not to put the wrong product on your new hardwood floor. Many homeowners compound their issues when they reapply the treatment because the initial floor waxing starts to look “bad” very soon after it is applied. This means that we will need to remove multiple, built up layers of waxy or oily substances from the floor in order to return it to it’s natural beauty.

I got a call from a woman and she said that Clifford Bows, her handyman, had referred me to her to restore her wood floor. She was frustrated that she had a lot of scuffs in it and every time she cleaned it she’d walk across it and she could see her footprints in it.

She used the wrong type of cleaner conditioner on her floor and it caused the wax buildup that, as you can see, bubbled, flaked and scuffed easily. We removed the inappropriate wood conditioner and explained to her how to clean her floor properly.

She was ecstatic and she said her floor look like new! She was originally resigned to pulling it up and get rid of it, she was so fed up with it, until we came by and cleaned it for her the proper way.

If you’ve made this mistake and need hardwood floor restoration call Pat’s Cleaning at (714) 408-4630 or handy contact form.

Pat Roque - Disinfection Expert
Pat Roque - Disinfection Expert
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