Carpet Dyeing

Carpet Dyeing, Spot Dyeing & Color Restoration - Call the Carpet Dyeing Experts!

If you spill bleach or something else on your carpet that takes the color out, spot dyeing can save your carpet. This job can only be done right by an experienced technician. The majority of carpets are a light tan and this is a very difficult color to match. Brown is an uneven mixture of all three primary colors and there are so many shades that only a true professional can get it right.

***NOTE: we are only offering spot dyeing, ie. the application of custom-mixed dyes to restore the color of smaller areas of carpet to match the rest of the carpet. Carpet dyeing is not appropriate for large areas of carpeting or entire rooms of carpet!

If you need expert Carpet Dyeing, Spot Dyeing or Color Restoration in Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Fountain Valley, Costa Mesa or anywhere in Orange County feel free to contact Pat's Custom Carpet Care at 714-308-4630 today or use our handy Pat's Cleaning Contact Form and well get right back to you.

Pat Roque - Disinfection Expert
Pat Roque - Disinfection Expert
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