New probiotic protective spray

We are happy to announce that we now carry a new probiotic protective spray that can give protection for days once it is applied to a surface.

This is offered as a post-treatment way to continue fighting against infection.


All treatments should be followed up on either weekly, every two weeks, or monthly. We will provide a simple plan to EXTEND the inhibiting process of probiotics by leaving a supply of the probiotic All Surface Cleaner. This is not intended for heavy cleaning jobs, but has a surfactant that will allow cleaning to be done that also leaves the probiotic on the surface for the 3-5 day period.

There is a NEW NORMAL of vigilance about infection prevention. We are  on top of the cleaning/disinfecting program (in-house or a service), and are available to service every public building, school, day care, office, and store. The service is available as a monthly, twice-a-month, or weekly service using our program and products.

The cost is computed on a cents per sq ft basis. This price scales to the size of the job where the price goes down, per square foot, as the square footage goes up. Sanitizing is a momentary treatment that is quickly lost when people re-enter the building. A heavy-duty treatment is always needed, but the follow-through by probiotics and a diligent staff can create a safer environment.

For more information on this and our complete 4-step disinfection service call us at 714-308-4630 or use our handy contact form.



Pat Roque - Disinfection Expert
Pat Roque - Disinfection Expert
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